Enrichment week

The programme of events for this exciting week is:


Key stage trips with a traditional British flavour. The younger children will be visiting Monk Farm Park and the older children will have a day at Beamish Museum.


The whole school will take part in a visiting workshop exploring British Values and will use music to help us to learn a song that will further our understanding.


The day for traditional British sports and past times, along with a picnic lunch and afternoon scones!


European Union referendum day. The children will discuss, debate and vote.


Party day! The children can wear their own clothes and we ask for a 'chocolate donation' towards the FOBS summer fair in return.

This is also the day when we welcome another visitor to school, who will lead us in a range of activities linked to Ramadan, which begins on June 7th and Eid-al-Fitr which begins on 7 July.

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