KS2 InterFaith Trip

Last Friday, all the children from years 3 to 6 travelled to Bradford together with KS2 children from Kettlesing School,  to visit the Madni Jamia Masjid mosque and the Shree Lakshmi Hindu Temple. This was a wonderful opportunity for all the children to bring RE learning to life.

First of all, they visited the Mosque and learned about some of the prayer rituals of the Islam faith. Once shoes had been removed, the children learned how Muslims wash before they pray. Then, with their heads covered, they were allowed inside the enormous carpeted prayer room. Here, the children learned about the way people pray and tried on outfits they might wear on a pilgrimage. They also learned about some of the Muslim festivals and were able to ask lots of questions.

Our next stop was the Hindu temple where a lady called Sima was out guide. Again, the children were shown the rituals of washing and removing shoes before being taken upstairs to a huge worship where the floor was covered in white cloths. All along one wall were large marble figures of the most popular Hindu Gods and Godesses, dressed  and decorated in the brightest, most eye-catching colours. Sima explained that Hindu worshipped used all 5 senses and the children learned about the offerings of fruit and sweets given at the temple and received a traditional gift of sweets from the temple as well. Alesha and Lachlan were dressed in Hindu outfits and everyone was allowed to watch a Hindu ceremony take place.

All the children had a great day. Thanks in particular to the Interfaith Centre for their help in organising the trip.